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December 14, 2023

E25 – Embracing change: A season 2 finale special

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E25 Embracing change A season 2 finale special
Let's Get Changed
E25 - Embracing change: A season 2 finale special
LGC - Lets Get Changed-Logo - A Better World Podcast

In our wrap-up of season 2, LGC team members Elizabeth and Shanna join Eric in reflecting on 2023, including the challenges and triumphs of the year amidst ongoing transition. 

Join us as we celebrate championing inclusivity with 25 diverse guests across all industries, highlighting voices often unheard and underrepresented. We spotlight standout moments with exceptional professionals like Diandra Esparza, Sam Dennigan, Shaady Salehi, and others, sharing their insights and better-world tips. 

The LGC team also delves into some exciting changes coming to the podcast while making a friendly pitch for guest ideas, show sponsors and your help in amplifying our show. Tune in!


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