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E11 – Beyond ‘money talks’: Using finance as a catalyst for progressive action

Let's Get Changed
Let's Get Changed
E11 - Beyond ‘money talks’: Using finance as a catalyst for progressive action

In this episode of Let’s Get Changed, we speak with Maura Keaney, the VP of Strategy and Development for Amalgamated Bank on their 100th birthday! We recorded this episode one week after the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, so we keyed in on how a bank like Amalgamated has positioned itself differently than standard banks by focusing on triple bottom line principles of people, planet, and profit instead of only the latter. We dive into Amalgamated’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, the importance of elevating women’s and reproductive rights, the Bank’s role as a connector of like-minded progressive companies, and even something as nuanced as the financial sector’s role in addressing epidemic issues like gun violence. Ready to dive in? There’s a lot in here (even a plug for Ted Lasso). Enjoy.


A Legacy of Access, Affordability, and Advocacy

Amalgamated Bank has pioneered new programs and financial products with social responsibility in mind since the roaring 20s

Mar. 7, 2023
How a woman is running the country’s largest union-owned bank

A Stance on What’s Right

Amalgamated Bank cares about a plethora of social and environmental issues, from climate justice to gun safety to reproduction and more.

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