Here’s how you can celebrate Indigenous People’s Day by honoring the historical past and responsibly advocating for Indigenous futures.


We sat down to define better world for ourselves in order for our colleagues, clients, and broader ecosystem of associates to better understand what we meant when we referenced the term.


In January of 2021, CNPS hired us to help roll out a groundbreaking new campaign to reinvigorate California’s homes and gardens with native plants. Introducing: Bloom! California.


We are thrilled to announce that Ventura County Community Foundation has officially rebranded. Take a look at the evolution.


Better World Blockchain is ushering in a new era of technology that has the potential to shake up social and ecological movements.


Why don’t Mailchimp newsletters land in inboxes 100% of the time? Are there settings that can improve delivery, or are we all out of luck?


A technology and business model that will build trust, transparency, auditability in a global marketplace to meet the exploding demand for the purchase and sale of ecosystem service credits.


The Black is Beautiful Showcase from Healing Justice Santa Barbara aired on February 26 to highlight the experiences and creativity of the Black community in an effort to represent and celebrate Black history and Black excellence.


Working for Impact Through B Corp Certification


2020 Election Edition


Hint: You Can’t. It’s time we rid ourselves of this madness.


How to triple your voting impact in crucial “Super States” in 3 easy steps.


2020 is not the time for the passive observer.​ Here’s everything you need to be prepared to vote this November.


We have just been handed the blueprints to help save ourselves from ourselves. After years in the making, we’re witnessing the absolute perfect storm. It’s red, blue, and black — and it’s ours to harness and use, or lose forever.


Now is the time to embrace the LOA more fully than ever by taking individual and collective action in the fight for justice, equity, and equality.


Learn more about the important work done by SOAR to protect critical agriculture land and open space in Ventura County. the important work done by SOAR to protect critical agriculture land and open space in Ventura County.


How are you choosing to spend your Black Friday? The choices are vast, and the choice is yours.


Learn more about Regen Network, a tech startup working to rapidly restore the health of landscapes across the globe.


It’s time for business to step up.


All Good is a reef friendly natural skincare company built on values around intergenerational sustainability, ecosystem health, and community resilience


The Story of LOACOM

LOACOM is a better world movement company based in Santa Barbara, California that cultivates, connects, and activates ecosystems of changemakers to build vibrant communities and nurture a thriving planet.


LOACOM joins a select group of companies worldwide holding both B Corp status and 1% for the Planet membership.

David Fortson

LOACOM CEO David Fortson was recently interviewed by Cory Ames on the Grow Ensemble Podcast. LoaCom works with changemakers, causers, and companies to build a better world, helping them with their marketing and communication while advocating for the environment and other social causes.


Talking Trust Building and Effecting Change with the COO of LOACOM


If your work spills anywhere into the social media realm, there’s a chance you may have noticed a few hiccups while attempting to run ads or boost posts on Facebook over the past few months. As someone who works at a marketing and communications agency that works primarily with environmental or social justice-based clients, Facebook’s […]


Many of us have heard that the U.S., in 2017, endured 16 major natural disasters, totaling $306Bin damages. What happens now?


If you’ve ever run an ad through Facebook’s Ads Manager, it’s likely that you’ve run into a few hiccups along the way. MailChimp’s recent integration with Facebook might be a response to this, or at least we’d like to think so.


Nonprofits continuously juggle raising awareness of their organizations, activating supporters, and fundraising for their cause — online as much as offline.


Saving the World with the Founder of  LoaTree and LOACOM


Living La Vida Loa

Living La Vida Loa A #ThrowbackThursday from an old feature in the Santa Barbara Independent! Almost eight years ago, when longtime environmentalist David Fortson decided to flex his entrepreneurial muscles by starting an “eco-lifestyle collective,” his friends, family, and colleagues had no idea what he was doing. And neither did he.

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