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February 28, 2023

E09 – Lights, camera, activate! Moving audiences from seats to streets

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E09 – Lights, camera, activate! Moving audiences from seats to streets
Let's Get Changed
E09 - Lights, camera, activate! Moving audiences from seats to streets
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In this episode of Let’s Get Changed, we are privileged to be speaking with Michael Kelly, the Vice President for Social Impact at Participant, a socially conscious production company responsible for groundbreaking films such as An Inconvenient Truth, Food Inc., the Cove, Just Mercy, Roma, and many more — boasting 86 Academy Award nominations and 21 wins. We speak with Michael about Participant’s latest hit film, Descendant, how the company is uniquely positioned to move its viewers from the ‘seats to the streets,’ and storytelling tips and strategies for anyone looking to move the needle on progressive causes using the power of creative communication. PRO TIP: President Barack Obama recently plugged Descendant on his personal Instagram account. It’s that important a flick. Enjoy the episode.


Participant in action

Driving real-world impact and awareness through inspiring entertainment.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter | By Etan Vlessing
Jun. 14, 2022

The Hollywood Reporter: Banff: Participant CEO “Energized” by Film, TV Content That Inspires Social Change

Indie production veteran discussed working with Hollywood partners to create content that accelerates community impact and change.


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