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June 15, 2023

E17 – Season 1 wrap-up: A look back, a look ahead

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E17 - Season 1 wrap-up: A look back a look ahead
Let's Get Changed
E17 - Season 1 wrap-up: A look back, a look ahead
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In our final episode of season 1, we recap the who, how, and what of Let’s Get Changed for our friends and fans. Here, we reiterate the intention of this podcast to highlight the movers and shakers from the progressive business community, but more importantly, also provide a stage for women and BIPOC business leaders to showcase their work. We recap some of LGC’s season 1 guests, share some demographic stats, and queue up for season 2 — offering a quick glimpse of what lays in store for the latter half of 2023. Finally, we open up season 2 advertising and sponsorship space, asking for listener support to help sustain and grow the LGC ecosystem and footprint. You with us? We hope you’ll take a final dip into season 1 as we close out a successful first run. Enjoy!


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