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October 26, 2023

E23 – Served hot: Brewing up conversations on race and diversity

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E23 - Served hot: Brewing up conversations on race and diversity
Let's Get Changed
E23 - Served hot: Brewing up conversations on race and diversity
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Today we visit with James Joyce III, founder and Chief Visionary Officer for Coffee with a Black Guy. James is a proven analytical thinker, speaker and writer who addresses potentially tense situations head-on, with an emphasis on issues of race and diversity. We speak with James about the founding of Coffee with a Black Guy in 2016 and the importance of bridging the gap, holding space, and dialoguing around race-based topics. With racial injustice issues continuously at the forefront of our daily lives, this episode is as timely as ever and one you don’t want to miss. We cover a lot of ground — from how Covid-19 and George Floyd’s murder in 2020 impacted Coffee with a Black Guy’s programming, to the ongoing trauma faced by Black Americans, to the first steps companies should take when wanting to address issues of diversity and race internally. We hope listeners will find some inspiration here as you continue (or begin) your own anti-racist journeys.

By Tyler Hayden | Feb. 11, 2020
Breaking cultural conversation barriers
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