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February 6, 2023

E08 – Dress to impress: The values stitched into your clothes

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Let's Get Changed
Let's Get Changed
E08 - Dress to impress: The values stitched into your clothes
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In this episode of Let’s Get Changed, we speak with Dr. Kimberly McGlonn, the founder and CEO of Grant Blvd whose mission is to construct stylish, sustainably sourced fashion by reducing waste to landfills and by creating living wage jobs for women, particularly those who are formerly incarcerated. We chat about Grant Blvd’s role in helping reimagine the fashion industry, but also her newest endeavor — Black Ivy vintage thrift, inspired by the Black Ivy Fashion Movement. We highlight her nonprofit partnerships focused on juveniles and women who have been in and out of the justice system, the role of music in reflecting the human experience while offering a way to inspire and protect optimism, her podcast ‘School for Disruptors,’ and so much more. This one’s action-packed.



In a word, Grant Blvd is a response to slavery, to leased labor, to Jim Crow, to persistent economic injustice and marginalization.

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SOURCE: The Philadelphia Citizen | By Courtney Duchene
Jan. 18, 2023

The Philadelphia Citizen: Business for good: Grant Blvd + Blk Ivy

A men’s fashion line and vintage clothing store with a voice and vision in activism.


School for Disrupters

The School for Disruptors is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Kimberly McGlonn & Dr. Sarah Gulish. This digital space is dedicated to vulnerable conversations about self-awareness, self-definition & of course, all kinds of disruption.

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