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Let’s Get Changed podcast elevates the work of business leaders, influencers, and other change makers at the forefront of corporate responsibility.

We interview executives and forward thinking brands as they implement triple bottom line strategies for people, planet, and profit. We speak to nonprofit leaders, community groups, and individuals working at the forefront of intersectional environmentalism, racial justice, health, and more. And on the way, we talk food, music, and the ways our guests build community, run great companies, and keep their inner fires burning.

Lets Get Changed Podcast - LOACOM
A better world podcast


September 14, 2023

How Kyle Parsons, Founder and CEO of Indsole, created a Bali-based brand using upcycled tires to reduce waste while promoting conscious consumerism.


How Brazil-based Filha Do Sol is working to empower women in the tropics as frontline climate defenders — with Dr. Flávia Maia.
Strong Roots’ CEO Sam Dennigan sprouts sustainability, nourishing communities with plant-based goodness and tackling frozen food insecurity one meal at a time.
A key spark brings diverse voices together in pursuit of justice and joy, with Diandra Esparza of Intersectional Environmentalist.
Let’s Get Changed host Eric Cárdenas reflects on a successful first season while preparing for season 2 and inviting listeners to connect!
Bringing power to the people by unlocking the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with David Fortson, CEO of LOA Labs.
Dive into All Good’s successful 2018 Hawaii-based Reef Friendly campaign — play-by-play — with founder and CEO Caroline Duell.


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