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February 10, 2023

E07 – Change for the batter: How a bakery is at the center of the Open Hiring Movement

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Let's Get Changed
Let's Get Changed
E07 - Change for the batter: How a bakery is at the center of the Open Hiring Movement
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In this episode, we speak with Joseph Kenner, the President and CEO of Greyston, a New York-based bakery that has positioned itself at the forefront of the Open Hiring movement. In our conversation, we talk about Open Hiring and Greyston’s mission to employ 40,000 people through this unique movement that seeks to employ anyone with the will to work. We’ll talk about Greyston’s partnership with the Body Shop and Ikea, the work of the Greyston Foundation and One Greyston, and how six core values are at the center of this impact-driven social enterprise. Enjoy the conversation.


Eat Brownies. Change lives.

Greyston Bakery is a perfect mix of purpose and profit.

SOURCE: | By David Hessekiel
Oct. 26, 2022
An interview with Greyston CEO, Joseph Kenner

Open Hiring model recognized by Schwab Foundation at World Economic Forum

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CEO and President of Greyston Bakery, Joseph Kenner, recognized as one of the Social Innovators of the Year 2023.

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