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February 21, 2024

E27 – Mission-driven farming for health, wellness, and planetary responsibiliTEA

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E27-Mission-driven farming for health, wellness, and planetary responsibiliTEA
Let's Get Changed
E27 - Mission-driven farming for health, wellness, and planetary responsibiliTEA
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Today we speak with Ms. Clarenda Stanley, the CEO, President, and Farmpreneur behind Green Heffa Farms near Liberty, North Carolina. Farmer Cee owns and operates one of the very few black, women-owned farming operations in the country, and holds the distinction of being the first  — and currently only —  black-owned farm that is also a certified B Corp. Over the course of the next hour, we chat with Farmer Cee about her history and upbringing that led her to create the Green Heffa Brand, her medicinal teas/herbs and service offerings, and her business leadership mantra that shuns spiritual raggedness, resource hoarding, and harm to the planet in favor of ‘growing right.’ For those interested in agriculture as a force for good, this episode’s for you.


Farmer Cee of Green Heffa Farms has sprouted a movement through medical teas, “growing right”, and social impact.


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