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August 3, 2023

E19 – Planting seeds: A frozen food company takes root and joins the fight against hunger

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Planting seeds with Sam Dennigan
Let's Get Changed
E19 - Planting seeds: A frozen food company takes root and joins the fight against hunger
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Today we speak with the CEO and Founder of Strong Roots, Sam Dennigan, about his Ireland-based frozen food company that focuses solely on the production and sale of plant-based products. Sam chats about his upbringing in and around agriculture which ultimately led him to start Strong Roots, and why consumer demand led him to plant-based products. As with many of our guests, however, Sam also dives into how his progressive corporate values led him to design a company focused on sustainability and corporate responsibility, including their almost singular focus on addressing food insecurity in the communities they serve. Things are moving quickly for this growing company. We hope you enjoy the episode.


Rooted in good

Over 100 years in food with still so much to grow

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