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April 19, 2023

E13 – SHE means business: Leading the charge for gender equality in the workplace

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Let's Get Changed
Let's Get Changed
E13 - SHE means business: Leading the charge for gender equality in the workplace
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In this episode of Let’s Get Changed, we’re excited to chat with Ilana Broad and Sterling Champion, founders of The SHE Mark, a certification for businesses that put women first – from ownership to leadership and beyond. The SHE Mark is committed to creating a future where gender equality in business is common practice, and where businesses themselves can feature their SHE certifications with the world in order to share their commitments to gender equality in the workplace. We touch on how Sterling and Ilana created this concept on the heels of the Me Too movement, the addition of a new, fourth The SHE Mark related to corporate governance, and how you and your company can apply to get your own SHE certification.


The power of SHE

SHE is more than an acronym, but a movement.


Make your mark

The growing SHE Mark Certification

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