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Regen Network Blockchain Launches, Entering the Global Climate Movement

On April 15, 2021, 500 people tuned in to witness the live virtual launch of Regen Network’s blockchain, Regen Ledger, a groundbreaking tool in the collective effort to reverse climate change. Beyond the technical accomplishment of Regen Ledger’s launch, the Regen Network team and partners celebrated this pivotal milestone symbolizing four years of hard work, exploration, perseverance, and grit. As Regen Network’s marketing partner and a key player in this milestone, LOACOM watched this historic event unfold while realizing: this is just the beginning for our role in the ‘better world blockchain’ space.

For many, the mention of blockchain causes eyes to glaze over, or inspires immediate associations with Bitcoin or Dogecoin. But we encourage you to leave those notions behind for this article. What we have learned in our work throughout Regen Network’s evolution is that blockchain technology, its dynamic financial models, and its communities of interest are incredibly diverse in their design and deployment — and evolving quickly to serve our planet as a whole. So buckle up: let’s dive into the basics of Regen Network and our partnership below.

>> Want a quick 101 on cryptocurrency? Watch this video.

Regen Ledger (Regen Network’s blockchain) – the world’s first publicly governed ecological ledger – aims to be the foundational piece of the future of climate finance.

Regen Networkthe creator of Regen Ledger, is realigning the agricultural economy with ecological health by creating the global marketplace for planetary stewardship. Regen Network is not an organization, but rather a community, a commons, a movement, a public blockchain-based protocol, and a network. Below, you’ll find definitions that break down its specific components.


Regen Network Development, Inc. (RND) is a Delaware C-Corp running the token sale to capitalize the development of Regen Network. Much of the team you see listed on the Regen Network website are housed out of RND.

Regen Foundation is a Delaware 501(c)(3) Organization. Regen Foundation focuses on the pillars of Open Science, Education and Capacity Building, and Technological Tools for the commons. Regen Foundation governs 5% of the token supply of Regen Ledger as an independent entity.

Regen Ledger is a modular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain application built with Cosmos SDK, built for verification of claims, agreements & data related to ecological state.

REGEN token is a utility token powering an application-specific blockchain for global climate finance.

Regen Registry is an open marketplace where land stewards can sell their ecosystem services directly to buyers around the world.



For LOACOM, it’s been a long, windy journey with Regen Network since we began working together in 2017. Our partnership was forged upon a risky foundation: Regen Network had pitched us their wildly ambitious vision attached to the emerging technology of blockchain; and LOACOM had pitched them our deep background in regenerative agriculture, community building, and marketing skills – but with a limited understanding of the blockchain industry. Despite the risk factor, both parties decided our collaborative potential was too good to not move forward. With a fuzzy roadmap and few resources, we gambled forward.

Fast forward to 2021 and together, we are celebrating a highly successful $10.5 million private token sale fundraising round, multiple case studies that exemplify regeneration in action, the sale of Regen Network Development’s (RND) own CarbonPlus credit to Microsoft, the sale of carbon credits to F2Pool  (the world’s largest bitcoin mining pool), the launch of critical partnerships with OpenTeam, and the first public listing of the REGEN token on a decentralized exchange a mere two weeks ago.


It’s hard to briefly or concisely explain the elegance, complexity, potential, and power of this thoughtfully-designed blockchain project focused on positively disrupting the toxic conventions and degenerative patterns in today’s society.  Frankly, it took LOACOM a few years to figure it out as well, and still requires daily study and experiential learning to stay current. Yet, we could not be more certain that this new critical tool promises a unique ability to design for more harmonious relationships between each other as humans, and between humans and the earth.

Through our years with Regen Network, LOACOM has become excited about our potential to become a movement builder in not just the ‘better world’ space, but the ‘better world blockchain’ space. Regen Network’s ecosystem is developing quickly alongside an emerging group of scientists, farmers, ranchers, institutions, and other advocates providing critical tools and resources for the decentralized reversal of climate change — and we are eager to discover how our company’s role unfolds in the larger movement.

At last, the Regen Network solution is here: a holistically designed system for aligning financial incentives, ecological health, and symbiotic human behavior. We encourage you to explore and sit with the Regen Network resources below to fully absorb how this endeavor plans to harmonize humanity’s relationship with the earth.



We could spend hours unpacking the Regen Network movement model and technology – but that’s for another day.  We do encourage you to dig into these resources to better understand and increase your own capacity to engage the Regen Network platform.

We share this article with you to inspire optimism in a media environment awash in dire stories related to the climate emergency. For those of you who want to learn more and engage the Regen Network ecosystem, let us know and we can plug you in.

In closing, we are hopeful, engaged, inspired, and determined to keep working with all of you to build a better world. We come to work inspired daily by your vision, values, persistence, and unique talents dedicated to improving the lives of your fellow humans and this planet we all call home. And if you have a unique idea — maybe one as crazy or complex as the Wild West world of blockchain for ecological health — be in touch. You might just be our next gamble. Onward!

David Fortson
David Forston
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