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Let’s Get Changed Products with Purpose

Over the past year, the Let’s Get Changed podcast has had the honor of interviewing nearly two dozen leaders at the forefront of corporate responsibility, coming from various sectors and taking steps in their own unique ways to move the needle on what it means to be a ‘responsible’ company. Over 25 episodes, we’ve featured an array of strategies, services, approaches, and products all intended to leverage business as a force for good. We hope you’ve tuned in and enjoyed some of our conversations. If not, you can catch all of our episodes here or wherever else you stream your podcasts. Give us a listen! 

As we come up quickly on the end of the year, we thought we’d elevate some of our product-based brands as you start thinking about gift giving for friends and family. As you take a look below, please remember that the best gifts are those you can’t buy — time with loved ones and family, quality time in nature, meditation or time for self reflection, or perhaps just unplugging from all of your screens. But for those who will be doing some amount of shopping this giving season, we of course hope that you’d support those companies who are doing their best to be good corporate stewards of people and planet.

As featured on Let’s Get Changed, here are a few companies for you to consider as we head into the holiday season — some are even kicking in LGC listener discount codes! Now get out there and vote with your dollars.

Products With Purpose (as featured on Let’s Get Changed)

All Good

All Good is a skin care brand that emphasizes organic and reef-friendly ingredients in its products. Based in Morro Bay, California, their core items include natural sunscreens, lotions, and balms — and of course their legendary All Good Goop (though one of our personal faves is their unscented deodorants). All Good’s commitment to sustainability is evident in nearly everything they do, from their reef-friendly campaigns, numerous certifications, and their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint and supporting a number of environmental initiatives. LGC episode 15 features All Good’s founder and CEO (and our good friend) Caroline Duell talking about how and why coral reefs became such a focus of their corporate mission, the good and bad of eco-labels, regenerative business practices, and much more. We always have and always will love All Good, and hope you will too! Dive in. It’s all good. 

Shop here* | Podcast episode here 
*Use discount code: LETSGETALLGOOD30 for 30% off your order!


Axiology is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand known for its high-quality, sustainable, and ethical beauty products based in Bend, Oregon. Their core offerings include a range of lipsticks and lip crayons made with natural ingredients. First introduced to us by one of our listeners (thanks, Kathi!), Axiology stands out for its use of recycled packaging, sourcing ingredients responsibly, and promoting ethical practices throughout its supply chain, reflecting its dedication to ‘planet-first beauty.’ In episode 24, founder and CEO Ericka Rodriguez speaks with us about the ubiquitousness of palm oil in cosmetics, her reliance on social media to elevate the brand, her personal journey as a lifelong vegan to start a company rooted in her own values, and much more.

Shop here* | Podcast episode here 
*Use discount code: LETSAXI20 for 20% off your order!

Dr. Bronner’s

Our very first podcast episode — numero uno — featured David Bronner, CEO of the one and only Dr. Bronner’s. Renowned worldwide for its organic and fair-trade liquid castile soaps, Dr. Bronner’s goes above and beyond the call of duty using ethically sourced ingredients, environmentally friendly and re-usable packaging, and fair labor practices across their supply chains. Like many of our other podcast guests, the company is also a certified B Corporation, showcasing its holistic approach to social and environmental responsibility. In episode one of LGC, we chat with David about the history of this family run business, corporate philanthropy, regenerative agriculture, and much more. What we don’t talk about is this — rocker Lenny Kravitz’ two Dr. Bronner’s items he can’t live without: regenerative, organic coconut oil and almond scented castile soap. Lather up and listen in!

Shop here | Podcast episode here 

Grant Blvd. 

(photo credit Grid Magazine)

Grant Blvd. is a sustainable clothing brand that focuses on upcycled and repurposed fashion, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that we connected with at the B Corp Champions retreat in Dec. 2022. Grant Blvd’s core products include stylish and eco-friendly clothing items created from reclaimed fabrics by women who were formerly incarcerated. The brand is heavily committed to and invested in social justice, fair labor practices, and reducing fashion waste by breathing new life into discarded textiles, promoting a circular fashion economy. In episode eight, we speak with founder and CEO, Dr. Kimberly McGlonn, about the launch of Black Ivy vintage thrift, her nonprofit partnerships, her own podcast, and her rockin’ record collection. 

Shop here | Podcast episode here 


Bali-based Indosole is a footwear brand recognized for its sustainable and eco-friendly approach to crafting sandals and shoes. Their core line of products feature soles made from recycled tires that would normally end up in the dump and/or polluting our oceans, waterways, and air — transforming this waste instead into durable and stylish footwear. Indosole’s commitment to sustainability extends to its use of water-based adhesives, natural materials, and ethical manufacturing processes, making it a conscious choice for environmentally-minded consumers, especially those living on coasts or warmer environments (but who doesn’t need a flip flop?!). In episode 21, we speak with CEO and founder Kyle Parson about the genesis of the company, their employment practices, and their future plans to expand the brand one pair of slippa’s at a time.

Shop here* | Podcast episode here 
*Use discount code: INDOLOA25 for 25% off your order!

Strong Roots 

Based in Ireland, Strong Roots is an up-and-coming food brand known for its high-quality and plant-based frozen food offerings, including innovative products like vegetable fries and cauliflower hash browns. The brand uses non-GMO ingredients, minimizes food waste, and utilizes environmentally friendly packaging in all of its products. Strong Roots also supports local farmers and strives to create a positive impact on the environment through its plant-centric approach. In episode 19, we speak with founder and CEO Sam Dennigan about the creation and growth of the company, their commitment to sustainability, and their ongoing efforts to address hunger in both the UK and the US through innovative, community-based partnerships with food banks and other nonprofit agencies. 

Shop here | Podcast episode here 

Tony’s Chocolonely 

Headquartered in Norway, Tony’s Chocolonely stands out for its ethically sourced and child labor-free chocolate bars. Featured in episode six of our podcast, the brand delights with a range of delicious and responsibly produced chocolates, with a particular focus on combating child labor and promoting fair wages in the cocoa industry. Tony’s Chocolonely operates on a transparent and traceable supply chain, and in the episode, we talk with Karin Campbell about Tony’s Open Chain initiative along with their ‘5 Sourcing Principles,’ their relationship with Ben & Jerry’s, and activating customers around progressive campaigns and get-out-the-vote efforts. Pro tip: did you know that you (yes YOU) can get custom designs labels on your very own Tony’s chocolate bars? It’s true. Get after it!

Shop here | Podcast episode here 


Let’s Get Changed will be coming back at you in 2024 with an expanded guest profile as we move beyond business executives to also rope in more nonprofit leaders, changemakers, and movement builders. Nothing will be off limits as we continue to highlight those at the forefront of corporate and organizational responsibility. We’ll also be introducing shorter segments — Quick Change — to highlight immediate activation opportunities, hot news, or our own quick takes on the pressing issues of the day. We hope you’ll stick with us! 

As always, we thank you kindly for your support. Questions? Comments? Guest ideas? Sponsorship requests? Email us at

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