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How Changemakers & Purpose-Driven Companies Can Inspire a Movement with Better for the World Marketing Strategies

LoaCom’s CEO David Fortson featured on the Grow Ensemble Podcast.

LOACOM CEO David Fortson was recently interviewed by Cory Ames on the Grow Ensemble Podcast. LoaCom works with changemakers, causers, and companies to build a better world, helping them with their marketing and communication while advocating for the environment and other social causes.

You can stream the podcast online here or listen on your favorite podcast platforms like Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsStitcher, or Overcast.

David started LoaCom as the natural fruition of his skills, ambitions, and values around the environment and social responsibility and he is here to tell us all about its history, maturation, and the lessons he has learned along the way!

David stress the importance of saying no, learning the essence of your company, and knowing your clients. The messages that really stand out from this conversation are around turning a passion into a business, how a company can evolve over time, and the future of the marketing and communications field.

Thanks for the feature, Cory! We look forward to collaborating together in the future.

Episode Links:

Show Topics:

  • A little about David and LoaCom. [0:02:01]
  • What brought David to the ‘better world’ sphere. [0:03:50]
  • Lessons that David has learned about passion, persistence and chemistry. [0:10:07]
  • The evolution of the hiring and staffing process at the company. [0:14:06]
  • David’s thoughts on the field and role of marketing. [0:18:45]
  • Examples of marketing channels that David recommends. [0:23:32]
  • Managing client loads and servicing them fully. [0:28:52]
  • Figuring out your own essence as a company and declining offers. [0:32:20]
  • Looking to the future of the company and exciting things in the coming year. [0:34:15]
  • The challenges that David foresees in the industry and for the agency. [0:37:20]
  • And much more!


  • “I was a supervisor lifeguard when I was like 16, 17. I realized I loved leadership and I wanted to do my own thing.” — @DavidFortson [0:08:14]
  • “We have developed our company culture with a deep focus on chemistry.” — @DavidFortson [0:11:30]
  • “I am constantly trying to properly restrain myself in a leadership position and not trying to be everything to everybody.” — @DavidFortson [0:32:49]
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