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“Healing the Whole” with Caroline Duell

Part of the Better World Blog Series by LOACOM

The Better World Blog series is a compilation of articles based on interviews conducted by the LOACOM team with our clients, intended to share their powerful leadership and stories. Each blog is carefully constructed to highlight our ecosystem of changemakers actively working to build a better world.

All Good is a reef friendly natural skincare company built on values around intergenerational sustainability, ecosystem health, and community resilience. LOACOM is All Good’s Global Marketing Partner, and we are proud to hold a strong connection to their team because of their amazing work protecting our planet and our skin through products and community involvement.

Caroline Duell, founder and president of All Good, has been making skin care products since 1998 using herbs and natural recipes from her garden. What started with Caroline creating products just for friends and family has blossomed into a family-run business selling products in 12 countries. With Caroline and her husband at the core, their two daughters serve as inspiration and support of their mission: To offer the purest, most elemental ingredients and organic herbs in natural healing products that are good for people and good for the earth.

Their product line has progressed over the years from a modest, homemade healing salve (known from Day 1 as “Goop”) to include sunscreens, deodorants, lip balms, and lotions. Their products were always “all good” in the sense that they were derived from organic, natural ingredients created by a company with a triple-bottom-line that developed into 1% for the Planet membership and B Corp certification. But All Good got even better in 2016, when a key element of their current mission developed. Caroline attended an international reef symposium in Honolulu, HI, where she learned about the harsh impacts of sunscreen chemicals on aquatic ecosystems and human bodies alike. This knowledge sparked her intention to create reef-friendly products and seek out LOACOM, who worked with All Good to spark the #ReefFriendly campaign that has taken the sunscreen industry by a storm.

Caroline is extremely proud of the awareness and education spread by the #ReefFriendly movement already, and has an even bigger vision for its future. She hopes to educate others on the impacts of chemicals on the micro biome of the earth, drawing the link between the health of ecosystems and the health of our skin. To Caroline, “reef friendly” is about much more than coral reefs, it is about connecting humans to nature, promoting happier people and a healthier planet.

All Good’s work doesn’t stop there! They are involved in their own community (San Luis Obispo, CA) through local restoration, education, and conservation work, as well as places highly affected by the issues surrounding coral reefs, such as Hawaii. Na Kama Kai (Children of the Sea) foundation, a nonprofit started by pro surfer Duane DeSoto, is dedicated to teaching ocean safety and advocacy to local Hawaiian children as well as tourist youths. Caroline loves supporting organizations like Na Kama Kai and has partnered with them in the past to educate children and facilitate connection to the ocean.

At LOA, we are passionate about the push for reef friendly products and have contributed to this campaign through our global marketing partnership with All Good. LOACOM and All Good’s collaboration continues to grow and improve as we build together in the same direction for a better world.

“To me, a better world is a resilient connection between humans and their surroundings in a way that’s mutually beneficial and mutually respectful. The way I live for that is by constantly seeking self awareness for how my work and actions impact myself, my family, my community, and the greater world…and finding ways to make them All Good!” — Caroline Duell, Founder and President

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