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Better World Blockchain: We’re In

Since the 1990’s, building a better world movement has guided our work. From the days of UCSB’s Environmental Affairs Board, to SB CAN, to our work at the Environmental Defense Center, to the first and last days of LoaTree, and through the inception and growth of LOACOM – we’ve always been designing, building, and growing in the hopes of a better future for people and planet.

Regen Network: Then & Now

In 2017, along our long and winding journey, we were introduced to Regen Network – a global effort focused on tracking, verifying, and rewarding positive ecological outcomes by incentivizing the world’s farmers to regenerate landscapes and reverse climate change. Regen Network took a gamble on a nascent technology called blockchain to anchor their technological approach. Blockchain technology offered transparency, auditability, and decentralization – an approach where data, contracts, and even digital currency could be securely transferred and managed. The future of climate finance was born.

Blockchain technology offers transparency, auditability, and decentralization – an approach where data, contracts, and even digital currency can be securely transferred and managed.

As we approach the end of 2021, much has changed. Regen Network Development is a rapidly growing technology company working to tokenize ecological assets like carbon and bring them to market. They sold their first carbon credits to Microsoft in 2020, and have become a global leader at the intersection of crypto, climate and finance. They have become an anchor partner for LOACOM that has pulled us deeply into the blockchain space.

The Case for Crypto

At a macro level, blockchain is changing the world. Most of its celebrated uses are found in the financial space (at this point, who hasn’t heard of Bitcoin?) as financial managers, traders, and even countries adopt Bitcoin and other crypto assets as their favored form of legal tender and/or investment options. And while certain approaches to blockchain technology have [appropriately] been exposed for their negative ecological impact, the technology is also ushering in a new era with the potential to shake up social and ecological movements. This inspires us greatly.  

Modern day social and ecological movements are subject to overwhelming financial forces that continue to overpower our best efforts. We believe that blockchain gives us an immense opportunity to grow a technology driven, decentralized movement to build a better world. With blockchain and related web3 tools, we can harness economics and financial tools to incentivize social and ecological impact at a scale possibly never before witnessed. 

LOA has taken notice and is jumping into the fray.

Introducing: LOA Labs

Introducing LOA Labs – the Laboratory for Better World Blockchains – a new company in the LOA ecosystem. With the same values and rooted in the same mission as LOACOM, LOA Labs has formed specifically for engagement with Web3 and blockchain projects that prioritize climate justice, community well-being, human rights, and other movements we believe are critical to our common survival. As we dive in, we’ll immediately be working with startups, existing blockchains, foundations, and coalitions all focused on impact.

We’ll continue deepening our relationship with Regen Network — a part of the burgeoning Cosmos network — and another recent client, ixo while we support the growth of Regen Foundation,, Chainflow, and the Blockchain Infrastructure Carbon Offsetting Working Group (BICOWG), among others. And as our network of LOA Labs clients grow, we’ll be hiring staff to meet the moment.

The Best is Yet to Come

With LOACOM as strong as ever and LOA Labs on the rise, the LOA ecosystem continues its steady expansion to support better world movements. Over the weeks and months ahead, you’ll see more changes coming to LOA as we continue to evolve. As always, we’ll do our best to keep you informed of these changes. 

For LOA Labs updates, follow us on Twitter.

To follow LOACOM’s progress, check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn

A deep gratitude to all of you who have supported us throughout the years. Stick with us…it’s going to get fun.

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  1. Exciting stuff!

    • Thanks, Jack! Stay tuned for more.

      • How do I purchase stock in this company??

  2. Interesting opportunity to seize. I know you said decentralized is a key point in this endeavor/movement. But do you see the geographic center of vision, mission and goal-setting being here in Santa Barbara for the next few years? Or did I miss some news that in the transition from LoaTree to LoaCom, SB is no longer home base?

    • Our home base is still very much Santa Barbara, and always will be. While LOACOM is and will remain our core marketing agency, LOA Labs will disperse our firmly planted roots at the broader global level and will work primarily in the ‘better world blockchain’ space. Altogether, our LOA ecosystem will continue building a better world with every interaction – be it Santa Barbara County or beyond.

  3. Really neat to READ about the partnership shifting based on innovation and taking steps towards things you believe. Eric, how exciting to be in a new position at this time. What an exhilarating decision for you both and the company. love the LOA Labs content!

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