Regenerative Organic Alliance

Regenerative Organic Alliance is a young, rapidly growing nonprofit that exists to heal a broken system, repair a damaged planet, and empower farmers and eaters through regenerative organic farming. Alongside a working coalition of farmers, business leaders, and industry experts, ROA spearheaded Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC™), a revolutionary new certification for food, textiles, and personal care ingredients that meets the highest standards in the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness.

LOACOM is the marketing partner for Regenerative Organic Alliance, collaborating on communications mapping and strategy, leading digital marketing communications, supporting website evolution, and working closely with ROA founders, certified farms, and licensed brands.

Together, LOACOM and Regenerative Organic Alliance are creating language, building community, and maximizing opportunities to lead the forefront of the regenerative organic movement.

Planned Parenthood California Centra Coast

Planned Parenthood (California Central Coast) is a regional affiliate under the umbrella of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care and sex education for over a century. PPCCC strives to provide all people equitable opportunities to health and wellness, including high-quality sexual and reproductive health care provided with respect and without judgment.

LOACOM is the digital advertising partner for Planned Parenthood California Central Coast, creating, designing, implementing, monitoring, and modifying their social media advertising.

Together, LOACOM and Planned Parenthood California Central Coast are working to raise awareness of services, promote inclusivity, and destigmatize sexual and reproductive healthcare through regional research and advertisement efforts.

California Native Plant Society

California Native Plant Society is on a mission to save California’s native plants and places using both head and heart. CNPS brings together science, education, conservation, and gardening to power the native plant movement.

LOACOM is the marketing partner for CNPS’ California-wide  Bloom! California campaign, responsible for brand and asset creation, creative design, social media outreach and engagement, ambassador management, and more.

Together, LOACOM and CNPS — alongside a working group coalition of California nurseries and growers — are strengthening the native plant industry by boosting the statewide sales of 11 native plant groups by 20% over the next three years.

Rebecca Aced-Molina

Rebecca Aced-Molina is a professional certified coach, leadership trainer, and organizational change facilitator who has worked with nonprofits, governments, philanthropy, and mission-driven entrepreneurs around leadership development for equity, inclusion, and systems change.

LOACOM is a strategic consultant for Rebecca Aced-Molina, providing business development support, communication strategy, along with marketing, website, and graphic design support.

With LOACOM’s guidance, Rebecca has established a powerful presence among her peers working on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) issues while landing major new corporate clients seeking to address critical issues of DEI in the workplace.

SOAR Ventura County

SOAR Ventura County is a nonprofit grassroots group of citizens who are dedicated to keeping Ventura County from falling into harmful urban sprawl patterns through a series of voter initiatives that require a vote of the people before agricultural land or open space areas can be rezoned for development. SOAR has a volunteer Board of Directors and over a thousand active members, with a presence in each city and community of the county.

LOACOM serves as the marketing partner and social media manager for SOAR Ventura County.

Together, LOACOM and SOAR Ventura County are working to protect and conserve Ventura County open space and agricultural land through community awareness and campaign support.

McCune Foundation

The McCune Foundation supports projects that address critical issues in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties by empowering and mobilizing excluded populations. Specifically, they support groups who are “doing with others” rather than “doing for others” – grassroots, bottom-up organizations in which “clients” are the initiators and involved in decision-making.

As a longtime web partner for The McCune Foundation, LOACOM provides ongoing technical assistance to McCune Foundation grantees and, most recently, re-designed The McCune Foundation website for a 2022 launch. 

Together, LOACOM and The McCune Foundation have created an online hub that centralizes resources and information for Central Coast community organizers in a clean, modern, and simplified way.


GOBOX provides zero waste takeout in reusable containers & cups, available on-demand at 100+ restaurants, food carts, cafes & grocery stores across Portland, OR.

LOACOM was a marketing and strategic thought partner for GOBOX, helping create foundational brand assets, communication strategies, and marketing operation protocols for social media, email, and web.

Together, LOACOM and GOBOX seek to bring circular economy and reuse systems to the mainstream through education, access, and local community coordination.

The Redford Center

The Redford Center is a nonprofit environmental media organization based in San Francisco, CA, that creates and supports films intended to galvanize action for a future rooted in environmental justice, protection, and repair.

LOACOM serves as The Redford Center’s marketing and communications partner, offering services in strategy, campaigns, social media, newsletters, digital advertising, and web.

Together, LOACOM and The Redford Center are amplifying impactful media that redefines the environmental movement and activates a global audience.

1% For The Planet

1% for the Planet brings millions of dollars in funding to environmental organizations across the globe by leveraging the power of the private sector. Founded by Patagonia, Inc.’s Yvon Chouinard, 1% for the Planet has directed over $170M towards conservation nonprofits all over the world through the participation of its 1,500+ current global business members.

LOACOM has played various roles for 1% for the Planet, including business development, cause-based marketing, social media management, and event planning & support.

Together, LOACOM has helped 1% for the Planet raise tens of thousands of dollars for the environment, rallied digital movements in support of a healthier planet, and helped raise the profile of this esteemed, action-oriented nonprofit.

All Good

All Good makes everybody better by crafting organic, botanical skin and sun care products that are safe for humans and safe for the planet. All Good is a fellow B Corporation and 1% for the Planet member.

LOACOM is the global marketing partner for All Good, managing cause-based marketing campaigns, strategizing brand awareness tactics, running social media accounts, designing and implementing newsletter marketing, coordinating SEO practices, and developing All Good’s new website.

Through our continued partnership, All Good and LOACOM have positioned All Good as a skincare industry leader, helped pass legislation to ban toxic chemicals in skin care products, and substantially grew All Good market share and national brand awareness.


ByFusion Global Inc is solving the world’s plastic crisis by working with material recycling facilities, governments, municipalities and corporations to turn 100% of plastic waste into ByBlock – an advanced, cost-effective building material.

LOACOM is a past marketing partner for Byfusion and lead their story telling, social media and blog development.

Together, LOACOM and Byfusion used target audiences to raise awareness about a game changing technology that diverts plastic from landfills and repurposes it into construction material.


Nonprofit Resource Network (NPRN) is supporting the nonprofit sector of Santa Barbara County by serving as the digital resource and communication hub for the nonprofit sector of Santa Barbara County.

LOACOM developed the NPRN digital platform on behalf of The Foundation Roundtable, manages the Executive Director and Development Director Roundtables, responsible for site-wide content updates, the production and management of networking events, weekly digital communication to members, and ongoing membership recruitment and communication.

Together, LOACOM and NPRN provide the critical communication infrastructure for the nonprofit sector, important capacity building resources and coordination within the sector that support deeper and more powerful social impact.

Sansum Diabetes Resource Institute

Sansum Diabetes Resource Institute is significantly improving the lives of those impacted by diabetes through research, education, and clinical care.

LOACOM developed the brand, promotional materials, and communication strategy for SDRI’s new, groundbreaking educational project, Mil Familias. Mil Familias is an innovative ten-year initiative to improve the lives of Latino families affected by diabetes through research, education, and care.

Together, LOACOM and SDRI created a groundbreaking approach to help educate, collect data from, and design interventions for thousands of Latino community members living with diabetes on California’s south central coast.

Regen Network

Regen Network is regenerating the world’s ecosystems by building a global marketplace and contracting platform for Earth’s ecosystem assets, services, and data.

LOACOM is the global marketing partner for Regen Network focused on product marketing strategy, capital fundraising, community growth, and digital communications such as social media, email, and graphic design.

Together, LOACOM and Regen Network are cultivating momentum around Regen Network as the originator of digital carbon assets in the Interchain economy, and a leader in the web3 regenerative finance space. Using a distributed ledger and modern remote sensing technology, our goal is to create new tools for how humanity relates to its environment.


The Ventura County Community Foundation builds philanthropy by providing careful management of charitable capital within Ventura County and beyond. In recent years, it has also served as a central hub for Ventura County crisis support.

LOACOM serves as VCCF’s agency thought partner, developing marketing and communication strategies to achieve the greatest collective impact and frequently springing into action to immediately serve those in need.

Together, LOACOM and VCCF have created resources for Ventura County nonprofits and businesses, hosted crisis-response webinars, and developed strategies and pipelines for rapid response funding needs. With LOACOM’s help, millions in new funding has been distributed to persons and organizations who’ve needed it most.


Walkers Institute for Regenerative Research and Design (WIRRED) is a Barbados-based nonprofit think tank, research center, and consultancy dedicated to the study of climate-smart agricultural practices on the regional to global level.

LOACOM partnered with WIRRED to develop their voice and identity, create a brand guide, design graphics, and build a website to showcase their critical work and leadership, research, education, and activation in the transformation of degraded lands.

Together, LOACOM and WIRRED are re-framing this organization as the epicenter of Barbados’ ecosystem and community wellbeing, and actively engaging a multisector network to garner support for a thriving regional ecosystem.